Hoax: A Sign On A Flint/Dearborn Michigan Mosque Shows An Ominous Message

Short Answer: NO

A sign purporting to show a sign in either Flint or Dearborn, Michigan at an Islamic Center has been making the rounds on social media.  The heavily edited and touched of photo is supposedly from an organization called  ‘Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America’ and the messaged edited into the image reads: “ALLAH BE PRAISED AMERICA WE WILL KILL YOU ALL AND NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT, ALLAH BE PRAISED”

The water might get you in Flint, but you have nothing to fear from the fictional ‘Advancement of Islamic Agenda for America’.

Original sign used as a base for the heavily doctored sign used in the hoax

The base image used in the doctored photo is from a now defunct website called sayit.com that had a page called the Church Sign Maker that allowed persons to make fake church signs with a message of their choice on the message area.

Here is a link to the archived site at Archive.org:



What Is The Cloud?

One of the questions I get asked most often is: What is The Cloud?

The cloud is one of those tech buzzwords. But really it is as simple as this:

The Cloud = Remote Storage

That is really all it is.

See back before remote storage, or the cloud, became commonplace, you had to store your digital stuff. Digital stuff being all your photos, documents, spreadsheets, emails, videos, music, etc. that you wanted to keep.

Remember that sick feeling when you lost your digital stuff?  Hard drives crash, so there was a need for a way to keep your digital stuff safe.

And when it came to making sure your digital stuff was safe, before cloud based storage, you had few options.  You could store your digital stuff on a floppy disk, or a writable CD.  Or you could backup your digital stuff on one of the many backup devices that came out over time, such as USB thumb drives and external hard drive (still an excellent choice for local backups.)

There was also the problem back in the day of getting your digital stuff from one computer to another computer or device.  You had to take whatever you stored your digital stuff on and physically take it to another device and hope it worked!

This is an example how cloud based storage works in a nutshell:

  • You save a file, and it could be any file like a photo, music, important documents…anything, on your desktop computer.  It is synced to your cloud storage account.
  • Then, using that same cloud storage program or app, you have access to that same file on your other devices.  like your laptop, phone, tablet, any other device! Cool!

There are lots of companies out there are in the cloud business. The business of storing your digital stuff for you. Some offer free options that will more than take care of your photos and documents.

There are literally dozens of companies competing for the right to store your digital stuff.  A simple search engine peek with the term “Cloud Storage” should get you started.  And below are some of the top players in the cloud game:

Google Drive: – Hard to beat.  And here is the great thing, if you have a Gmail address, you already have a Google Drive account with 15GB of storage. AND, along with your Google Drive space, you also get Google Photos that will let you store your photos, all of your photos, for free!

Dropbox – The grandaddy of all online storage gives you 2GB free, but you can get more space free by telling your friends about it.

Microsoft OneDrive – Microsoft’s hosted file service gives you 5GB free to store your digital files.

iCloud – Apple’s offering to the cloud based storage system. If you have an Apple device, you probably already have some version of iCloud. Free version nets you 5GB of storage.

There are many other players in the cloud storage game. A more exhaustive list can be found here: [Wikipedia Link]

The Final Image of Saturn From The Cassini Spacecraft?

Short Answer:  MIX – Not the one being shared, but there is a photo of Saturn from the Cassini Probe that is real.

You may have seen this one pop-up on your Facebook feed:

It looks really cool! Even looks like it might be real! The image looks to be a beautiful, detailed photograph of the planet Saturn with the famous rings in stunning detail. But, alas, like many things you see on Facebook, it is a little too pretty. You know, like those photos of people you know who filtered and doctored up those profile pictures.  You now who they are!

The Cassini Space Probe launched in 1997, and the on board camera, while great tech for the time, could not send back photos quite that detailed!

The photo shown on Facebook is a rendering commissioned by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for promotional purposes, and is not the actual last photo taken by the Cassini Space Probe.  

The real last photo taken by the Cassini probe before it took a header into Saturn looks like this:

Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute